We've launched a new website:
If you've ever had trouble finding an oncotalk, intensivetalk, or toughtalk resource--your problems are over. We've reorganized our site, consolidated all our old stuff, and wrapped in a new user interface. As one physician told us yesterday: 'it's awesome'. 

What you'll find
You can stop by on your way into a patient's room for a 1-page talking map. When you have more time, dive in and scale up your skills for the next visit: we've got video, chapters, articles, and powerpoint talks, all ready for downloading. 

There's more: you can ask us a question through our curated Q&A hotline, or find our iOS app, or peruse a spellbinding set of video reflections by some of the most fantastic thinkers on serious illness that we know.

You'll see these resources evolve too as we continue to innovate--and we have a lot planned.

Stay ahead of the curve: sign up on the website for our new monthly newsletter, or send us an email at And since we're a nonprofit in the social enterprise space--we won't give your email to anybody. Go to our site--then go talk to a patient in a way that makes a difference.


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