Why an iPhone app through VitalTalk?

Those of you who know our work may be wondering why we've started Vital Talk. Here's why. First reason: when we started using the term Oncotalk, we didn't realize that another cancer nonprofit had trademarked the term. They graciously have allowed us to continue using Oncotalk on our website, in exchange for not launching new projects under that term. Second reason: i couldn't put the iPhone app on the iTunes store through the University of Washington--they wanted me to license the app to a company.

So we've created Vital Talk as a nonprofit to disseminate our work. Our existing published work, including written materials and videos, will continue to be available freely on the web. We distribute it with a Creative Commons license that allows any of you to use it with attribution, edit it so that it works better for your particular use, and remix it--our goal is to stimulate innovation! (Note that the Creative Commons license does not allow use for a commercial purpose.) We're charging for the iPhone app to cover our costs (user experience design, programming, etc). 

We're not building a business--we're trying to build a tribe that changes the culture. 

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