The VitalTalk app home screen: first look

What's different about the VitalTalk app? 
It's designed for point-of-care, just-in-time learning that is based on a deliberate practice model. If you haven't heard of deliberate practice, it's how experts get better at what they do--they break down the complex task into small bits, and focus on one bit at a time. That's what our app does. So you'll notice a 'prepare me' button--that enables you to focus on one bit. You'll also notice a 'debrief me' button--that enables you to set a reminder (that appears on your iPhone screen) to think back on what happened, debrief yourself, troubleshoot. We hope you'll try it out--it's a new learning platform for communication skills.

The VitalTalk app will be in the iTunes store very soon--we'll keep you posted here!

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